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Broadcom Announces 5G Wi-Fi Chips Capable of up to 1.3 Gbps

4G speeds still often fall short of the official standard, but that isn't stopping Broadcom from pushing forward to the next level of Wi-Fi speeds. In a press release issued this morning, the company announced several new wireless Broadcom 802.11ac chips that deliver "5G Wi-Fi."

The new 5G chipsets—the BCM4360, BCM4352, BCM43526, BCM43516—all operate on the 80-MHz channel and deliver up to three times the speed and six times the power-efficiency of current Wi-Fi 802.11n radios. Broadcom says its 5G Wi-Fi "dramatically improves the wireless range in the home," which will allow users to stream media from more devices and from larger distances from their mobile devices.

When it comes to transfer speeds, Broadcom's new chips vary slightly, with the BCM4360 capable of 1.3 Gbps, the BCM4352 and BCM43526 hitting 867 Mbps, and the BCM43516 topping out at 433 Mbps. The fastest chips are intended for routers, PC products, and the like, while the two other chips use USB and are more ideal for TVs and other home-theater devices.

The 5G chips will be at CES, where Broadcom plans to prove that it can deliver the blazing speeds it's promising. Stay tuned.