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Boost Mobile Announces $199 Boost Warp 4G

True to its budget roots, Boost Mobile's latest handset brings a 4G LTE experience to a nice looking new handset. The carrier just unveiled the Boost Warp 4G LTE, an Android 4.1 device available now for $199. 

Built for "consumers who want a premium LTE Android smartphone experience at a real value," the Boost Warp packs a 1.2-GHz Dual-Core processor with 1GB of RAM. The 4.5-inch handset is Bluetooth 4.0-ready and has a 8-MP rear camera with a 1-MP lens in the front. The device measures in a 5.24 x 2.6 x 0.4 inches and weighs 4.76 ounces. 

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Boost customers can pick up the Boost Warp with the company's Android Monthly Unlimited plan, which includes 2.5GB of high speed data and unlimited talk and text. This plan includes Boost's Shrinking Payments system, which lowers your bill by $5 for every six payments made on time and can make your monthly fee as low as $40. Shoppers who prefer shorter-term commitment can get the phone with an Android Daily Unlimited Plan, which has unlimited data, talk and text for $3 per day.

The Boost Warp 4G LTE has solid specs for a prepaid phone, but it has the same upfront cost as the new iPhone 5s. Still, those who want an Android device that could run them as low as $40 a month might want to take notice.