BOLT 3.0 Web Browser Brings Faster Web Surfing to Android Devices

In a smartphone world dominated by iOS and Android, software company Bitstream feels there's room for another mobile browser. The company just launched BOLT 3.0, a web browser for Android phones designed for optimal speed.

In fact, Bitstream claims that BOLT 3.0 will run 25 to 50 percent faster than its competition and provides quicker downloads, plus improved streaming of flash and HTML 5 video through the use of cloud-based compression technology. Other enhancements include a Social Tab made to make sharing content over Facebook easier,  and Web-based apps for mainstream sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Wikipedia.

We can't verify just yet exactly how much faster BOLT is, or if at all, than other mobile browsers out there. Still, BOLT 3.0 is a free download available now in the Android Market so users can give it a try and judge for themselves. We certainly plan to give the app a spin and will report back with any groundbreaking results.

LAPTOP Senior Writer