Arctic's P402 Bluetooth Headphones Claim a Cool 30 Hours of Battery Life

Bluetooth headphones are useful, but having to recharge them every few hours can be a drag. However Arctic's latest headphones can keep the party going for an extra long time. According to Arctic, the new P402 Bluetooth headphones can last up to 30 hours on a single charge.

Priced at $89.99, the P402s feature 40mm drivers and an 850mAh Lithium-ion battery. Weighing 5 ounces, the on-ear headphones are fairly lightweight and are outfitted with ultra-comfort ear pads for those marathon jam sessions. P402 users will also be able to control their music and switch between phone calls using the built-in controls. The cans also feature a hidden mic so you can carry on a conversation without having to worry about any additional cords. 

The Arctic P402, which comes with a two-year warranty, is currently available for preorder on Arctic's website.

Sherri L. Smith
Editor in Chief

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