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BlackBerry Patent Reveals Spy-Worthy Wearable Tech

This article will self destruct in 5, 4, 3.... According to a recently discovered patent filing, BlackBerry is working on a wearable accessory that would make 007 proud.

Capable of being stored in a pair of glasses, a Bluetooth headset, or tie, BlackBerry's concept would emit an invisible IR beam to your smartphone. This IR light would allow your device to display confidential information, which would appear scrambled and unreadable on the screen once the beam is redirected.

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The accessory concepts contain a light transmitter to communicate with your smartphone's built-in light receiver, which means it would have to be facing the handset at all times to display your private information.

Users would also be able to customize how long it takes for the information to disappear from the display. For example, if James Bond briefly looked away or moves and the beam was redirected, the information could stay on screen for a certain period of time if configured to do so.

BlackBerry now joins the likes of Google and Apple in developing wearable devices and augmented reality technology. Last month Google began shipping developer units of its Google Glass head-mounted display, and Microsoft recently revealed its plans to bring augmented reality to Skype and its Xbox gaming console.

Meanwhile, Apple is reportedly working on an iWatch powered by iOS, which would allow users to download all sorts of applications to their wrists.

via Patent Bolt

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