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Blackberry Hops on BYOD Trend with Secure Work Space for iOS, Android

The company formerly known as RIM has had one helluva time getting its Q10 and Z10 phones into consumers' hands, not to mention that its grip on the business world is slowly slipping. To tighten its grasp, Blackberry has released Secure Work Space for iOS and Android devices, a licensing option through its Blackberry Enterprise Service 10. This service already provides enterprise IT departments the ability to manage company phones and tablets running Blackberry OS, but Secure Work Space extends those control and security tools to iOS and Android devices.

First announced in March of this year, this is Blackberry's means to remain relevant in the business sector by exploiting the growing popularity of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. According to an announcement on the Blackberry for Business Blog, Secure Work Space provides "containerization, application-wrapping and secure connectivity" to either company-issued devices or those connected in a BYOD environment. So, what exactly does it offer?

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Secure Work Space provides iOS and Android devices on enterprise networks with special, secure apps for email, contacts and calendar. An HTML5-compatible browser will also be available. The service routes all data either in-transit or at rest through Blackberry's global infrastructure without the need for users to log into a VPN. Secure Work Space joins competing services such as Enterproid and VMWare MVP in the battle for managing your corporate-connected devices, but already has a leg up on them with iOS support. Check out a Secure Work Space and for a 60-day trial on BlackBerry's website.