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BlackBerry Q10 for T-Mobile Shows Its Face at BlackBerry Live

ORLANDO -- Despite BlackBerry showing off its QWERTY keyboard-equipped Q10 more than 5 months ago, no U.S. carriers have announced pricing for the handset, let alone when they'll make it available. But that may change as soon as tomorrow during the smartphone maker's BlackBerry Live event. As proof of that, all four of the major U.S. carriers are on hand for the show, and at least one of them (T-Mobile) is showing off its version of the handset.

It's unclear if the Q10 on hand at BlackBerry Live was representative of a final version of the device that will go on sale to consumers, as there was no proprietary software loaded on the phone or carrier branding. Presumably, that will change, as T-Mobile's version of the Z10 came loaded with T-Mobile's My Account app, as well as a T-Mobile logo on its back panel.

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During our time with the Q10, performance was similar to what we saw on the AT&T version of the phone we reviewed last month, with home screens zipping by smoothly and apps opening and closing quickly. The Q10 for T-Mobile, like the Z10 before it, will be available on the carrier's 4G LTE network. T-Mobile, however, is still early in its LTE deployment, with just seven cities getting the high-speed wireless coverage. AT&T, meanwhile, sports some 209 markets, while Verizon has an impressive 491 cities getting LTE.

Stay tuned for more on the Q10 and all of the latest news out of BlackBerry Live.