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BlackBerry Q10 Available for Pre-order Through Verizon for $199

The BlackBerry that BlackBerry addicts have been waiting for is finally making its way to the nation's largest carrier. Verizon has announced pre-order pricing for the QWERTY keyboard-equipped BlackBerry Q10, and the carrier is offering a special edition to boot.

The biggest difference you'll notice between the all-black versions of the Q10 and Verizon's iteration is that Big Red has covered the handset's rear panel in a hard plastic coating rather than the soft, rubberized glass weave material in other versions. Beyond that, and two to three Verizon-branded apps, there isn't much difference between the Verizon version of the Q10 and the other carriers'.

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We spent some hands-on time with the Q10 during CTIA 2013 and were relatively impressed with what the smartphone had to offer. Zipping around home screens was fast and we didn't notice a hint of slowdown when opening apps or snapping photos.

The Q10's most important feature is, obviously, its QWERTY keyboard. Bu all that physical button goodness takes up space, leaving only a 3.1-inch display. Naturally, that means you won't be able to view as much onscreen content as someone with a larger smartphone. However, for QWERTY keyboard devotees, the Q10 may be the phone for you.