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BlackBerry Playbook's Compatibility with Android Delayed

RIM, maker of the BlackBerry PlayBook, surprised everyone in the tech industry by promising its proprietary tablet would be compatible with Android apps by this summer. However, sources say that the initiative has been delayed at least until late fall.

Engadget reports a source as saying Android app compatibility with the BlackBerry PlayBook (which does not use the Android operating system), has been delayed, but did not specify why.

Android app compatibility would significantly increase the appeal of the BlackBerry PlayBook because it has a very limited number of tablet apps when compared to other tablets, especially Android tablets and the iPad. Adding Android apps would significantly increase the app library without needing to recruit developers to make apps for the PlayBook's proprietary platform.

The delay comes at a bad time for RIM. The PlayBook hasn't caught much consumer attention and sales are slumping.

Article provided by TechNewsDaily, a sister site to Laptopmag.