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BlackBerry PlayBook Now On Sale: Everything You Need To Know

RIM has officially entered the tablet wars today with the release of its 7-inch PlayBook Tablet. If you just bought one and want to learn some new tips and tricks—or just want more information before you spend your hard-earned cash—check out our comprehensive coverage below.

  • BlackBerry PlayBook Review: The BlackBerry PlayBook is a powerful and good-looking tablet, but buggy software and the need to tether a phone to get BlackBerry e-mail and other key apps hold it back.

Top 10 BlackBerry PlayBook Cases: If you're thinking of picking up the BlackBerry PlayBook, there are lots of ways to protect this sleek 7-inch slate. RIM alone has released five cases, sleeves, and shells.

How To Bridge The PlayBook To A BlackBerry Phone: Sure, you can access web-based mail and calendars on the BlackBerry PlayBook, but if you want to use RIM's own e-mail and calendar apps on this tablet, you need BlackBerry Bridge.

How To Use Gestures on the Blackberry PlayBook: RIM has innovated by actually incorporating the screen bezel into the gestures. Learn the key gestures for switching tasks, getting to settings, and more.

BlackBerry's Bridge to Nowhere: Editor-in-Chief Mark Spoonauer explains why RIM could be in trouble.

How To Factory Reset the Blackberry PlayBook: Your Blackberry Playbook not playing nice? Wish you could undo everything on it and start from scratch? No problem, let us help you with that with this how-to video on resetting your BlackBerry PlayBook to the factory default settings.

G Styled: The BlackBerry PlayBook - How a Tablet Should Look: Just how sleek does the PlayBook look? Style guru Jason Anderson of G Styled weighs in.

How To Use Blackberry Playbook's Wi-Fi Sharing Feature to Transfer Files: Have a shiny new Blackberry Playbook tablet? Would you just love to get some music, pictures, and other goodies on it, but really hate using cords to do so? Piece of cake.