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BlackBerry Bold 9930 Comes to Verizon for $249

The first in RIM's new lineup of BlackBerry 7 handsets, the BlackBerry Bold 9930, has officially arrived on Verizon for $249. This svelte  looker sports a stylish metallic trim, is less than half an inch thick, yet runs a speedy 1.2-GHz CPU.

The phone's NFC (Near Field Communication) chip is also noteworthy. This technology could one day enable wireless payments for digital wallet software

In addition, RIM touts the Bold 9930's multitasking abillties and screen that supports multi-touch gestures. However, the display measures a mere 2.8 inches, compared to the 4.3-inch screens on many Android phones. For its whopping $249 price tag, the Bold 9930 provides only 3G data and a single core CPU.

If only the Bold 9930 could tap into Verizon's swift 4G network and share this wealth with a paired, or shall we say bridged, BlackBerry PlayBook. Still, there are certainly traditional BlackBerry addicts yearning for a fresh device on big red. For them the BlackBerry Bold 9930 may prove captivating.