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Augmented Reality 'Entrance by AOL' App Announced for Nokia Lumia Line

Nokia's new Lumia handsets may look attractive, but the prettiest hardware in the world won't draw in users unless it has equally enticing software supporting it. (Example one: the iPad's gigantic lead over Android tablets.)  Nokia seems to understand that; yesterday, the company brought the totally free Nokia Music streaming service to Lumia phones in the U.S., and today, Nokia and AOL announced that they've partnered to bring an entertainment hub-style app called Entrance by AOL to the Lumia, complete with an interesting augmented reality function for finding nearby movies.

The Layar-esque function seems both straightforward and fairly useful, especially for city dwellers. When you hold up your phone, the Entrance by AOL app overlays theater locations, movie posters, pricing and show times in the world around you, giving cinema lovers all they need to travel to the theater on a whim.

Additionally, Entrance by AOL taps into Moviefone to let you buy tickets and watch movie trailers, while music lovers will have their savage breasts soothed by AOL Music, CD Listening Party and SHOUTcast Radio integration, which give you access to full-length album previews and over 55,000 radio stations from around the globe. Those apps should complement the Pandora-esque Nokia Music service nicely. Rounding things out is entertainment news from the Huffington Post and additional sources.

Nokia has been pushing hard for app exclusivity to bolster its Lumia line. Back in May, the company announced deals bringing Entrance by AOL, an ESPN Hub, the PGA Tour app and an updated Groupon app to the Lumia -- and the Lumia alone -- for various lengths of time.

Augmented reality seems to be another talking point for the Lumia line. In addition to the AR movie-finding function found in Entrance by AOL, the Lumia Groupon app should also receive an AR makeover sometime soon, which will highlight local deals. (The Lumia line also began including Groupon Deals in its Maps function in August.) Last month, Nokia launched Nokia City Lens, an AR app that identifies landmarks, businesses and other points of interests around you.