Asus Tips First Ryzen Gaming Laptop

Following the announcement of the Ryzen 7, AMD told us that its mobile version of the CPU, "Raven Ridge," would come to laptops in the back half of 2017. Based on a teaser video, it looks like we'll be getting an official announcement sooner than we thought.

Asus' gaming arm, the Republic of Gamers, has posted a brief video on YouTube showing a ROG computer (it looks a lot like the most recent ROG Strix GL553, at least from the back) over AMD's Ryzen logo with the words "Something has awakened." How mysterious!

The description has the hashtag #Computex2017, so we expect to see it at the Asus ROG press conference in Taipei later this month. Whether it will be part of a new line of laptops or new options for its existing models is still up in the air.

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We're still waiting on more information on AMD's Vega chipset. The only announced Vega GPU, the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition, is a desktop card aimed more at machine learning than gaming. It's possible that Asus will pair mobile Ryzen CPUs with Nvidia GPUs, or perhaps we'll hear more about AMD's plan for Vega in laptops a whole lot sooner than expected.

The Ryzen CPU is AMD's latest salvo in its long-fought war against Intel, and, based on benchmarks, the closest its ever gotten to Intel's performance at a lower cost.

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