ASUS Pulls the Wraps Off Its Touchscreen, GPS Enabled Eee PC T91

The netbook evolved is what ASUS is calling its Eee PC T91. The T obviously stands for touchscreen, but there are way more features than we ever dreamed of in this netbook of the future. The 8.9-inch Eee PC incorporates both touch functionality and a 180-degree convertible hinge that flips the display around and locks it down in place. The touchscreen, which we are guessing is a resistive panel, “allows you to manipulate images, look at maps, surf the web and more,” according to ASUS’ press materials. While we don’t have the exact measurements just yet, the slim and light T91 weights 2.1 pounds with its battery (no word on size or cell capacity) and is one inch thick. While the T91 includes the standard specs including an Intel Atom processor and Windows XP, it also sports a 52GB hybrid storage option. We assume that this is similar to MSI’s hybrid SSD and hard drive storage option. The icing on the cake: The Eee PC T91 includes built-in GPS functionality and features both a TV Tuner and an FM Transmitter. We will have more details and a hands on post and video in the next few hours.