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'Angry Birds' Fly Into a Weekly TV Series

Still can't get enough of "Angry Birds"? After more than three years since the introduction of the original "Angry Birds," Rovio keeps finding ways to draw its 1.7 billion users in, first with new versions of the game and ultimately a surrounding franchise. Now the app maker is entering an entire new platform, with its weekly animated TV series "Angry Birds Toons."

This weekend Rovio Entertainment is launching a video distribution channel that follows the birds and piggies as they embark on new adventures in "Angry Birds Toons." In addition to airing through Rovio games and video-on-demand channel providers, the series will air on select TV networks (although unfortunately, none of the networks are American TV outlets).

"We've long wanted to tell our fans the story of the Angry Birds and the Bad Piggies, to introduce their personalities and their world in detail," Rovio CEO Mikael Hed said. For "Angry Birds" fans, this is exciting news - to get the backstory behind their favorite game.

Featuring 52 episodes, "Angry Birds Toons" will air every week (and a second season is already being mapped out). The show will kick off its run this Saturday on TV broadcast, then on Sunday within the app and on video-on-demand platforms. Fans anxious to see show just need to make sure their "Angry Birds" app is updated on their device. Then the "Toons" channel button will appear on the app's home screen come its Sunday release.