Acer Showcases New All-in-One Desktops at IFA 2013

While Acer's vast line of laptops provides users with a touch-friendly notebook experience, the company's latest line of All-in-One desktops is aimed at those who prefer the immediacy of a tablet or smartphone with the power of a PC. The Taiwanese manufacturer today unveiled a full line of touch-based All-in-One devices that will be showen at IFA 2013, including the DA214HL and Aspire U5-610.

With a 24-inch full HD display, the Jelly Bean-based Acer DA214HL is one of the first All-in-Ones to bring the Android experience to the desktop. The device packs an Nvidia Tegra quad-core processor, allowing users to enjoy Google Play games such as "Riptide 2 GP" in crisp, fluid detail. The DA214HL can also serve as a second screen for smartphones thanks to its MHL capabilites, and can be used as a touch display for Windows 8 PCs when connected via HDMI or USB. Acer's new touch desktop is designed with family use in mind, as it allows for up to five customizable profiles. 

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The Aspire U5-610 is a more robust All-in-One based on Windows 8. The desktop device runs on a 4th generation Intel Core series processor and has graphics powered by Nvidia's GeForce GTX 760M. The device has a 23-inch full HD screen and an HD webcam with a 75 degree field of view, making it the ideal All-in-One for video chatting. Acer's built-in Purified Voice technology eliminates background noise during video calls, while the device's CONEQ Sound Technology helps direct audio towards the user no matter their seating position. As with most Acer devices, users can control the Aspire U5-610 on their smartphones via the Acer Remote app.

Acer will add two more Aspire All-in-Ones to its lineup with the Aspire Z3-105 and Z3-610. The Z3-105 is a 23-inch HD display with an AMD quad-core processor, Radeon graphics, and Harmon-Kardon speakers with Dolby Home Theater v4 for enhanced audio. The Z-610 has the same 23-inch screen and speaker setup, with an Intel 4th Generation processor and the option for either integrated graphics or Nvidia's GeForce GT 740 graphics card. 

Acer has yet to divulge prices or release dates for these All-in-One devices, and currently has no imminent plans for releasing any of them stateside.

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