7 Ways the Nexus 7 Beats the iPad mini

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The iPad mini may be making headlines, but it pales in comparison to the Nexus 7. While Apple's device is little more than a shrunken version of 2011's iPad 2, Google's tablet forges boldly ahead with innovative hardware and software that's designed with real power-users in mind. Here’s why the Nexus 7 beats the iPad mini, hands down.

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Avram Piltch
Avram Piltch, LAPTOP Online Editorial Director
The official Geeks Geek, as his weekly column is titled, Avram Piltch has guided the editorial and production of Laptopmag.com since 2007. With his technical knowledge and passion for testing, Avram programmed several of LAPTOP's real-world benchmarks, including the LAPTOP Battery Test. He holds a master’s degree in English from NYU.
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  • Roy Says:

    I have to agree with Brian. It seems odd to describe your favorite computerized assistant as being indicative of you having a better connection with other people than someone who likes another computerized assistant better. I'd rather hear a direct comparison of how each responds to the same question rather than a judgement of the type of person who would prefer one or the other. Some people like their alarm clock to play music, and some like it to beep. Can we say that if you don't like other people, then the clock that beeps is the one for you? Why not just tell people what it does and let them decide what they might like better?

  • Brian Says:

    I have to say I continue to be completely amazed by the Google Fanboys who always instantly declare their copy of someone else's innovation/features better, but this article's author is amazingly ignorant and obviously lazy in its claim that "Google Now is Siri for people with friends"! I have to say I was excited to maybe finally hear what Google now might have on Siri as I've read this claim in other places but usually don't find much substance behind the claim!

    Well, I couldn't believe what I was reading, "you want to find out what movies Russell Crow played in? Who won the Giants game, make a call or open an email?"

    By this I assume he's claiming Siri doesn't do these things when in fact she does all of them and many more, how about scheduling a meeting with 4 colleagues for tomorrow at 11:00 am about marketing plans and sending invites to the invitees along with adding it to your calendar all via voice! Or how about setting a reminder for when you arrive at work to complete a task? How about showing today's football schedule? Or how about showing you an email from your boss yesterday about marketing plans? Or how about sending an email to your boss about meeting today? Or how about showing you what's on your calendar for today?

    Well, Siri does all of these things and much more! For somebody who's writing a comparative review you would at least expect that they would know this!

  • rik Says:

    I have a nexus 7 myself,this article is about nexus 7,
    So to play up the fact Google now can instruct a device to call or text,
    Is not a factor because nexus 7 is a tablet it does not make calls or text.
    Nexus 7 is a great tablet though, but I'm giving mine to wife
    And get a man iPad mini.

  • Fandango Says:

    Good lord, anonymous.
    You sound like a starry-eyed coed.

    "Yeah the Nexus is totes better, but the mini goes with my Coach handbag!"

  • Carl Lawrence Says:

    As a senior, a key issue is the readability of the screen. I believe that Apple and Google understand this factor. The tablet market is maturing and we should see the following changes next year. Google will bring out a NEXUS 8" to 8.5" and Apple will have a retina display on their mini. The company that adds an SD Card will wipe out the competition. I know adding an SD card removes the profits made on memory however SKU numbers could be reduced.

  • Don Birdsall Says:

    As an owner of both an iPad and a Nexus 7 I would like to add an eighth advantage . Most Android devices including this one allow the installation of third party keyboards. Android keyboards such as Swype and Swiftkey implement features such as gestures and word completion. For writers, students taking notes and anyone else who needs to enter text data these features make a HUGE difference.

    The iPad mini owner is confined to Apple's walled garden. If you like the way it works out of the box, that's great! If you want to make it better, you'll regret not buying the Android device.

  • Not Phil Says:

    Status? If people are buying technology based products for 'status' they're a pretty sad bunch. If I see someone with an Ipod mini I just assume they're not educated or aware enough to not get ripped off by a name.

    Translation: Your 'status' is: not very smart.

  • Annymous Says:

    I just had a friend ordered one and now I am lusting for it more! Nexus 7 is just another tablet that is 16:9 form factor. It only good for watching video and TV; as a reader and internet surfing device; it secondary to a 4:3 form factor. Another consideration is what you are going to be using it for. I just order the black mini 64GB just out of impulse! I now hope Apple does not do a retina for a couple of years! LOL!

  • Annymous Says:

    I kind of agree with you if you compare technology with techology but you have to include thinks like: quality, design, looks, status, appeal, eco system, etc.....

    Just looking at the two together; Nexus 7 looks plain - kind of obsolete in looks compare to the iPad mini! I just have to wait for crap Apple to intro a retina version of the iPad mini and hopefully with a A6x and I will buy it with all the options. Love the look!

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