8 Things You Need to Know About Marissa Mayer

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Now that news has broken of Google's Marissa Mayer taking over at Yahoo as CEO, everyone's talking about who is she, where she comes from and what she's accomplished. Many are surprised at this announcement, as Yahoo hasn't exactly nailed down top talent to head its efforts, constantly struggling to keep up with Google and Facebook. Mayer will certainly have her hands full, as Yahoo's shares have dropped 41 percent in the past five years. As we watch Mayer try to restore Yahoo to its former state of glory, let's take a look at the new CEO's past.

  1. Her Most Recent Gig

    She comes from Google, where she was most recently Vice President of Location and Local Services. She also held a seat on Google's operating committee/executive management group. She's served as one of the company's spokespeople since 2006. Mayer started at Google in 1999 as a computer programmer.

  2. She's an Ivy League grad

    Mayer attended Stanford University to earn her bachelor's and master's degrees. She graduated with honors in symbolic systems, and she went on to earn her master's in computer science. For both degrees, she specialized in artificial intelligence.

  3. She's Not Afraid to Raise the Bar

    Mayer was one of Google's first 20 employees and was the first female engineer hired by the company. She's also under 40.

  4. You've Seen Her Work

    She was heavily responsible for the look of Google products like the search homepage, Gmail, Google Images and Google News, and has been responsible for such products for more than 10 years. 

  5. She Participates in Extra-Curriculars

    Mayer joined Wal-Mart's board in April, becoming one of only four women to sit on the company's 16-person board.

  6. She Has Lofty Goals for Yahoo

    At Yahoo, Mayer hopes to play up the company's strengths, such as its email, finance and sports elements. And she wants to improve on its video broadband and mobile business.

  7. She's the Latest In a Long Line of Yahoo CEOs

    She replaces Scott Thompson, who resigned in May after only four months as CEO due to accusations that he lied about his academic credentials. Mayer will be Yahoo's fifth CEO in a short five years.

  8. She's Pregnant

    Shortly after Mayer's new position was announced on Monday, she announced some personal news: She's expecting her first child, a baby boy. Mayer revealed the news in a Fortune interview and also tweeted the announcement. She's due in October and plans to take just a few weeks of maternity leave.


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  • sean Says:

    stopped reading as soon as I read #2, as you lost all credibility when you called Stanford an Ivy League school. Great fact-checking.

  • Paul Pick-Aluas Says:

    While I think Marissa is very capable and has the potential to do great things for Yahoo and while I believe Stanford to be an excellent institution, she is not "an Ivy League grad". Standford is not an Ivy League school and never will be. Not to say you have to be Ivy League to be a great school, but fact is, Stanford is not Ivy League. Please fact check your stories...

  • Mark Says:

    Since when is Stanford a "Ivy League" school?

  • Chris Says:

    Stanford is not an Ivy League school

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