6 Ways Android Mini PCs Beat Google Chromecast

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Users are intrigued by Google's Chromecast TV stick for seemingly good reasons. The tiny, $35 device is no bigger than a USB flash drive, plugs right into the back of your TV and lets you watch your favorite online content on the big screen with little more than the tap of a button. However, in its present form, the Chromecast is little more than a dumb terminal for streaming a handful of cloud media services. Even worse, you can't use the Chromecast without a phone or tablet to control it.

However, Android mini PCs such as the MK808B and the CX-919 bring the full Android Jelly Bean OS to your TV in a tiny stick form factor that also uses USB for power and HDMI for video out. With prices starting at around $43, these tiny dual and quad-core computers offer unrestricted media playback, gaming and productivity. Here are six reasons you should get an Android mini PC rather than the scaled-down Chromecast.

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Avram Piltch
Avram Piltch, LAPTOP Online Editorial Director
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  • vikram Says:

    Hi, I just got K808B. I attached it to TV and home screen is very much on . I don't have any other accessory to navigate its menu option hence can't connect to wifi. Though I have RKremote control but unless I connect the device to wifi i can't connect Rkremote app on my tab to the device to navigate. I dont wanna spend anything on the device to get mouse and other things.

    Can you pls suggest me something to sort this thing out.

  • Alex White Says:

    I know this is a bit old now, but I just got chrome cast, the no phone thing is arbitrary as everyone has phones and i can play all media on my chrome browser by pressing ctrl-o with an extension.
    Ways chrome cast is better - no need for external inputs and all the wires and/or costs that come with needing wireless peripherals, cheaper, more user friendly. I also live in the UK, so nothing can be bought for $50 or less :(

  • Togny Says:

    Dude! You just changed my life!!! Can´t wait to buy a MK808B. Didn´t even knew it existed. I was just about to buy the Chromecast, screw that.
    Thanks a lot!

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