5 Things You Need to Know About BlackBerry 10

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RIM didn't reveal any next-generation consumer hardware at BlackBerry World 2012, but the company did show off some of what it's long awaited BlackBerry 10 operating system has to offer. RIM has a lot riding on this OS, and one slip-up could spell disasterous for a company that is fighting for its life. So what did we learn about BlackBerry 10? Check it out.


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  • BamaTech Says:

    BB has the best UI, best keyboards, best (by far, no comparison) messaging/email, menus are intelligent and intuitive.
    Android is a clunker, when somebody lets me use their Android for something I can't wait to give it back to them. Sorry, it may be real "popular", but it sucks, big time.
    Apple, while it's nice, once you own one, you may as well tattoo apples all over your body, paste apple logos on everything you own, and shackle that Apple ball-and-chain to your ankle. They will hold you prisoner to them, and you will be indoctrinated to eat, breathe, sleep, and be totally brainwashed to believing Apple is the only thing available to you - enjoy your life in Apple camp.
    BB has all the Apps I've ever needed, everything works extremely well, I have a "real" keyboard (Torch 9810), fast processor, tons of memory, sleek high-quality design, and I can go where I want for accessories and downloads. Only a Windows 8 phone would be worthy of consideration for my use. Apple can keep their Brown Shirts, Android can keep their clunkers and popularity. Add the best of the best utility software that is BlackBerry Desktop Manager, you will never lose your data, very easy to change to a new BB device, move files around, nobody else has anything like it - it is The Best, and makes managing your phone (aka - your little pocket computer) the smartest and easiest way to go.

  • Heather E Says:

    These guys just won't lay down and die will they?

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