5 Reasons Why the BlackBerry 10 Bashers Are Wrong

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I don’t blame anyone for making fun of older BlackBerrys. Seriously, stop carrying that Curve. But I just don’t get the latest trend of pooh-poohing any sort of a comeback for the company formerly known as RIM. In fact, BlackBerry haters are so venomous they’re looking for any tidbit to tear the brand down. Did you know Alicia Keys tweeted from her iPhone before she was named global creative director for BlackBerry. Shocking!

Does the new BlackBerry 10 platform have issues? Of course, as I noted in my review of the Z10 phone, the performance lags at times, the camera struggles in low light, and BlackBerry World is missing some key apps. Keep in mind, though, that the Z10 isn’t even launching in the U.S. until March, which gives BlackBerry some time to work out the kinks. Overall, the detractors don’t get that BlackBerry 10 offers a number of unique advantages for smartphone shoppers — not just longtime CrackBerry addicts. Here are five reasons why the BlackBerry bashers have it wrong.

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Mark Spoonauer, LAPTOP Editor in Chief
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  • Brad Says:

    It syncs fine with outlook and has since the beginning. Check your settings.

    10.2.1 makes this phone even better. It is damn near perfect now.

  • Linda Says:

    Verizon lies and says that it syncs with Outlook which is the only reason I bought it. It does not work at all. I can't even get my contacts to come up when I touch the contact icon. Spoke to a BB tech and all he did was apologize that it didn't work. He didn't solve even one of the problems I am having with this phone!! And there are many.
    Who cares about all the other stuff when you can't even use the phone!

  • Dale Says:

    Too complicated? Says someone who has most likely never used it. I just got mine today and already love the swipe gestures.

  • Duane W Says:

    The way Time Shift works is different than, say, Samsung's way of handling the same problem.

    And, how exactly is a swipe up "complicated"? People can handle swiping down to get notifications easily enough on Android and iOS.

  • Ryan Gadz Says:

    TimeShift? This is on many other phones but they don't really even list it as a feature.

    Press and hold is too much work? Its a lot easier than all of those complicated gestures on the Blackberry. People will not understand how to use it. They will get frustrated and move on.

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