3 Tips to Organize Your Android Homescreen

Keep reading for 3 Tips to Organize Your Android Homescreen, the third installment of our six-part Android Phone Makeover series.

1. Make Folders

  • Press Down on the Homescreen.
  • Select Add A Folder.
  • Drag-and-drop apps into the folder.
  • Give the folder a name by holding down the title bar.
  • Type the desired name.

For phones with Ice Cream Sandwich:

  • Hold down an app you want to add into a folder.
  • Drag it into another app.
  • Now both apps will appear in a new folder.
  • To edit the name of the folder, tap it, then tap Unnamed Folder.
  • Type the desired name.

2. Add decorations

Many Android apps (including Fast Reboot) include widgets that look great on a home screen and help you do more without drilling down to launch an app. To see which widgets are available:

Press down on the home screen > Select Add a Widget.

  • Browse through existing widget options.  

TIP: Download Beautiful Widgets ($2.89) to get location, time and weather info on your home screen.

3. Launch apps, bookmarks and contacts with style (pictured)
With Circle Launcher ($0.99) you can group applications, phone contacts or Web bookmarks around a launcher on the home screen. It works as a widget and can be fully customized with a variety of launcher icons and any label you choose. Check out Circle Launcher in the Android Market.

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