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2014 Chevrolet Impala Protects Your Info and Gear with a Valet Faceplate

As cars become more integrated with your smartphone, your data becomes vulnerable every time you had your keys over to a valet. Push button key fobs have had a valet key option for years, so should your in-car infotainment system have the same protection? Chevrolet certain thinks so. The company has added a PIN-activated faceplate and storage box behind the 8-inch touchscreen to its 2014 Impala models. 

The system is part of the Chevrolet MyLink system which connects a user's phone with their car and includes useful information such as saved addresses and navigation. Because this information is stored on the car's hard drive, anyone in the car could access it without the PIN lock in place. The PIN code works like a hotel safe-- your phone or other valuables are safely locked behind the touch panel along with your phone's address book and other information. Simply access the valet lock from the settings menu, enter a four digit code and you're ready to go.

While there's no guarantee that the valet won't take your new Impala on a Ferris Bueller-style joyride, at least you know your data is safe. Check out the video before for more information on how the locking system works.

via SlashGear