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Corel WordPerfect Office X6: Multiple Monitor Support, File Previewing, eBook Publishing and More

Corel’s WordPerfect Office software may not be as ubiquitous as Microsoft Office, but it's still a viable alternative in the sphere of productivity tools. Today, Corel released WordPerfect Office X6, the latest iteration of its popular productivity suite -- and it actually brings some rather useful new features to the table. Here are some of the key highlights of the software: multiple monitor support, advanced file previewing, Bates numbering, additional macros and an eBook Publisher. WordPerfect has even upped its game by expanding beyond iOS on their mobile product line to include a new Document Viewer for Android devices.

WordPerfect’s multi-monitor support now lets you work on multiple documents at once, opening as many copies of WordPerfect as you need on separate monitors. Its advanced preview allows you to quickly view WordPerfect files using Windows Explorer or Microsoft Outlook, without having to open them in the first place. You can even search, copy and select text, print the document or browse the file right within the preview. Bates numbering – more useful for folks who wrangle legal documents on a daily basis – lets you easily insert unique, incremental Bates numbers in files, whether individually or in a batch. And the new macros in WordPerfect now come with multiple find and replace capabilities and word search/highlight features.

One of the best new points in this version, however, is the inclusion of a new eBook Publisher. The tool lets you convert documents into MOBI eBooks – the most ubiquitous filetype for eReaders, known for its compatibility with Kindles – so your aspirations of becoming a self-published author don’t have to be so far removed from reality.

Aside from this, the new WordPerfect release includes new versions of helpful tools across a spectrum of different computing tasks: Corel VideoStudio Essentials X4 handles video by helping you produce movies and slideshows, which you can later upload to YouTube or Facebook for sharing; revamped file compression and decompression tool WinZip offers up a new design and file sharing functionality that integrates with a cloud service called ZipSend; and Enhanced BrainStorm QuickHelp lets you watch any video-based training online, in case you lose that pesky installation disc with all the tutorial videos within it.

Finally, the old WordPerfect Document Viewer is now available for Android devices. With it, users can open and view email attachments and downloaded files on the go. It’s not available from Google Play right at this minute, but it’s hitting the store fairly soon – May 4th. (iPad and iPhone versions are already out from the Apple App Store.)

Corel WordPerfect X6 is be available for download from Corel’s website right now. The full version of WordPerfect Office X6 Standard Edition is $249.99 and the upgrade is available for $159.99. Home PC users and students can snag a special copy for a cheaper $99.99, while business users can grab the Professional Edition for $399.99 or an upgrade for a cheaper $259.99.