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1 Billion Documents! SkyDrive Hits Milestone & Removes Account Requirement

Think your office is overrun with files? Microsoft's got you beat. The company just announced that their SkyDrive service is now home to one billion Office documents. One billion documents! (It's fun to say it in Dr. Evil's voice.) Think of all those PowerPoint presentations, group research papers, business plans, and Excel spreadsheets happily floating around in SkyDrive.

To celebrate, the company is removing the requirement to sign in or sign up for a Microsoft account just to edit a document. Now users can share a document via a link and anyone can edit it using Office Web Apps. 

The change comes as a result of feedback Microsoft received from users, particularly students, about how it was a pain to sign up for an account just to make a quick edit to a document. Everyone with access to the document is able to edit it simultaneously, so it's easy to see why having to wait for a collaborator to find their account credentials can be a time-wasting pain-- especially in the eyes of students who typically don't want to spend any more time than absolutely necessary working on a group project.

While sending out an unprotected link to the big presentation is certainly faster, there's still the chance that it could fall into the wrong hands. For users who want to maintain the security of their documents, it's still possible to invite specific users via email and require them to sign-in to view and edit. Just check the box next to "Require user to sign-in."

via Inside SkyDrive