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Apple iWatch Rumors: $149 Starting Price, Could Replace iPod

New projections from an analyst suggest that the iWatch could hit stores in the second half of 2014 for between $149 and $229. This would mean that the iWatch may be released an entire year after Samsung's Galaxy Gear watch..

Lego, Belkin to Collaborate and Make iPhone, iPod Cases

  Get ready to be hit with a truckload of childhood memories. Belkin and Lego announced a joint effort that will result in the release of Lego-themed cases for the iPhone, iPod touch and possibl...

iLuv i1166 Lets You Dock iPod, Watch DVDs

The countdown to CES is in full swing, and iLuv looks to get the word out early on its i1166 portable media player. This unique 9-inch iPod dock features an integrated DVD player to keep you entertained on those long flights.

CES doesn't officially kick off until January 8th, but that hasn't stopped vendors from announcing some of the gear that'll be on the showfloor. The iLuv iMM183 is a dual-dock alarm clock that's compatible with the iPhone 3G and iPod.

JBL On Stage IIIp Review

It's a bit expensive, but this tiny iPod speaker delivers good sound and works with the iPhone.

My 5G iPod vs. SanDisk Sansa Fuze: Part I

It was 2005. Having just moved to Boston to complete a summer internship before my senior year of college, I soon found that the locals all seemed to possess two mobile staples: backpacks and iPods.