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How to Download iOS 7

The moment Apple fanatics have been waiting for is finally here. After months of teasing, iOS 7 is now available for anyone with a compatible iPhone or iPad, delivering a completely reinvented user experience.

Apple Tops Customer Satisfaction Rankings Again

Whether you swear by Apple products or sneer at the thought of the upcoming iPhone 5s launch, there's no denying the manufacturer's popularity among everyday consumers. The California hardware giant h...

Top Features of Apple iOS 7

Tim Cook calls iOS 7 the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone, and it is indeed beautiful. The goal: simplify the look and feel of the platform while adding lots of functionality.

Google Launches Chromecast iOS App

Released last month, Google's Chromecast is an HDMI stick that allows users to stream video content right to their television, with a smartphone or tablet taking the place of the remote. For those who...

Apple Updates Education Site with a Focus on iPad Teaching

Tablets are on their way to becoming a standard part of school curriculum, with more and more iPads finding their way into classrooms. With this growing trend in mind, Apple has updated its educat...

Android Tablets Only Have Half of iPad's Top 50 Apps

Apple's App Store has been providing iPad users with a diverse selection of content ever since the tablet launched in 2010, and the Google Play store has many quality offerings for Android users. Howe...

Apple Reportedly Testing 13-inch iPad, Larger iPhone Displays

Your next iPhone or iPad may be noticeably bigger than the device you're carrying around today. Apple is reportedly testing a whopping 13-inch display for the iPad and larger iPhone displays, according to officials at the company's suppliers..

iOS 7 on iPad Looks A Lot Like iOS 7 on iPhone - Just Bigger

When Apple demoed the upcoming iOS 7 earlier this week during WWDC 2013, the company focused solely on how it would look and operate on the iPhone 5. Now we know why, thanks to new images of the operating system posted on Apple's iOS 7 Web page ..

Smart Cargo Stores Your Essential iPad Gear

Ever wish there was a sleeker way to carry your charger, earphones and other peripherals with your iPad? A newly-launched Kickstarter project says it will solve that problem. The Smart Cargo for iPa...

Apple iWatch Fails to Excite iPhone and Android Users, Survey Says

The idea of an Apple-branded smart watch has kept the tech community buzzing for quite some time, but consumers aren't too enticed by the idea of an iWatch. At least that's what a recent survey seems to indicate..