Verizon and Amex Bringing Mobile Payment Service to Smartphones and Tablets

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You may soon be able to get all of your shopping done from your phone. Verizon and American Express have announced that they have entered a partnership that will give Verizon subscribers access to Amex's Serve mobile payment app, which lets users make payments and redeem offers via their smartphones or tablets. Verizon is expected to begin rolling out the program in the coming months.

The service works by authenticating a user's account through their phone number and allowing them to make purchases from their device's screen, Verizon said in a press release. The two companies will also collaborate to source and distribute online mobile offers with participating merchants, which would let customers redeem offers or coupons using their smartphone or tablet. The value of redeemed offers would also automatically show up in customers' Serve accounts. On the security side of things, all transactions made through Serve will be encrypted and any money sent from a user's account will require them to enter a confidential PIN.

According to CNET, Serve will be available for all Verizon Wireless customers and will not be tied American Express cards, meaning users can use the credit card or bank account of choice. Mobile commerce has been gaining a lot of steam as of late. Last month CNET also reported that Sprint Nextel inked a similar deal with Amex for Serve. And Google is also rolling out its Google Wallet service in New York and San Fransisco, which lets users pay for purchases by tapping their NFC chip-equipped phones at select checkout counters. We got to see Google Wallet in action during a demo in New York, and it worked pretty well.

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  • Tom Says:

    Verizon preloads the worthless and grossly misnamed "Serve" app on every Verizon smartphone. We are all FORCED to have the app on our phone -- whether we want it or not -- and the app CANNOT be deleted, in fact you can't even hide the icon. And, Verizon not only preloads the app, they preconfigure it will permission to access all your personal data, including contacts, text messages, phone calls, everything! Lots of apps have excessive permissions but at least legitimate apps ASK for permissions - the Amex Serve doesn't bother to ask, it comes with all the permissions set by Verizon. Reviews for this app on the Google Playstore are running about 50:1 as One Star ratings with comments showing that the vast majority of Verizon customers hate the app, and also hate both American Express and Verizon for forcing the app on their phones where it can't be deleted.

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