BlackBerry Tops Lists of Smartphone Brands Consumers Would Never Buy

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BlackBerry SurveyGood news. BlackBerry overtook iPhones and Android phones in a survey. Bad news. It was in the  "I would never use this smartphone" category. The survey, conducted by financial firm Raymond James, also asked respondents what features influence their phone buying decisions.

Of the 250 people who participated in the survey, 19.7% said they would never buy an iPhone, 31.3% said they'd never buy an Android, and a whopping 71.4% said they'd never buy a BlackBerry. It's a pretty small number of respondents, so the results are in no way conclusive, but it's sure an accurate reflection of how Android and iOS dominate the smartphone market today. Combined, the two dominant mobile operating systems make up for 91.1% of all the smartphones shipped in the fourth quarter of 2012, or 87.6% of all the smartphones shipped last year. 

BlackBerry's recent financial results are far more rosy than this survey as the company actually turned a profit after years of losses. However, the Raymond James survey shows how
far this once-dominant smartphone maker has to go.

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  • JohnnyL Says:

    The survey is probably more a reflection of just how little information the people responding to the survey have about the current smart phone market. I bet most didn't even now that Blackberry has a new smart phone OS out with a new phone. The majority were just reacting to the Blackberry name and associating it with their old style phones. To make it more valid they should have done this live with actual samples of top of the line phones for the respondents to to touch and see demonstrated. At the least if it was an email or phone survey they needed to include questions designed to confirm the respondents actual knowledge of what's out there.

  • Jeej Says:

    The numbers for this survey don't add up... Shouldn't the percentages add up to 100? Unless there is something with the questions in the survey that made it so. But yeah, it's definitely not a good report.

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