Smartphone Madness 2013 Game 5: BlackBerry Q10 vs. HTC One

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Smartphone Madness: HTC One vs. BlackBerry Q10

Welcome to Game 5 of this year's Smartphone Madness competition. Yesterday we said goodbye to the Lenovo IdeaPhone K900 as the fans for the Windows Phone-powered Nokia Lumia 920 brought home the win.Today we welcome two new competitors to the court: the QWERTY keyboard lovers' BlackBerry Q10 and the super-sexy HTC One powered by Android 4.1.2. Let's head down to the floor to meet these two before the tip off. 

BlackBerry Q10 vs. HTC One in Game 5

Sporting BlackBerry 10, the Q10 is still a bit of an unknown wildcard. While its brother, the Z10, ran away with Game 2 of this competition, it has a bit more experience in the real world. However, physical keyboard fans are expected to turn out in support of the Q10. The keyboard looks and feels very roomy and features BlackBerry’s trademark frets, something longtime BlackBerry users will be happy to learn. In addition to the real keys, it offers a 3.1-inch touch screen and a unique glass-infused back cover that promises to be much stronger than your typical plastic back.

During our hands-on experience, the Q10′s performance was solid with no noticeable lag, but can that make up for the dearth of apps on the BlackBerry platform?  

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A lack of apps is not something that HTC One fans have to deal with, as it runs the ever popular Android platform with its robust Google Play store. In our review, in which we awarded the One 4 stars, we cited its stunning design, excellent 1080p display, loud and rich dual speakers, remote control functionality for TV and stellar low-light camera as features that land it in the must-have column. And its superfast performance didn't hurt either. In fact, we had few complaints, but we did find one-handed use a challenge thanks to its 4.7-inch screen. But whether that's enough to trump the existence of real keys, only you can decide. 

Enough talking. Now it's voting time. You have until the polls close Tuesday, 3/19/13 at 9 a.m. EST to make your decision.

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  • r. ilker kurtulmus Says:

    Beautiful display, and powerful cpu. Always htc rules.

  • Keith Says:

    I remember the iPhone pretty much loses every year they run this thing in the first round. Analogous to a perennial first round playoff choke-job - stacked team, top seed, everyone either roots for them, wears their jersey or is a "fan" of theirs, but they can't deliver when it counts and gets upset every time.

    If I take a pretty random sample of people in my area (let's say young, tech savvy 20 - 30 somethings), I would probably feel confident that the majority of them would NOT say the iPhone 5 is the best phone. It's mainly all the (possibly paid) reviewers that heap praise upon praise onto it.

    But in the real world the iPhone 5 should have smashed the FonePad by an embarrassing margin. It *might* run into trouble against the HTC One or the Q10 but sports betting sites would probably still heavily favor the Apple.

  • Matt Says:

    I'm no fan of Apple, at all, but the fact that the ASUS FonePad beat the iPhone 5 invalidates this entire thing for me.

  • Bobert_123 Says:

    Q10 FTW!!

  • Phil T Says:

    The One is losing? People are idiots.

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