Internet Explorer 10 Launches For Windows 7: Same Browser, Faster Page Loading

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Windows 8 has been all Microsoft can talk about for the past few months, but recently updating legacy users of all sorts of Microsoft products has become a priority. Last week we heard that Hotmail users would be upgraded to the new and improved by summer, and now Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 10 for its Windows 7 user base.

Announced today, Internet Explorer 10 comes with better support for HTML 5, faster page loading and faster JavaScript performance, according to Microsoft. The latest iteration of Internet Explorer comes with Windows 8 out of the box, but this is the first time IE10 has been made available for Windows 7 devices.

After running performance tests that involved top sites for news, social, search and ecommerce, Microsoft found that Internet Explorer 10 loads real world pages up to 20 percent faster than IE9. During our own trial, we found that IE10 scored a 1575 in terms of overall performance using the Peacekeeper benchmark test.

This score is just a tinge higher than Internet Explorer 9, which clocked in at 1231 during the same test.  Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10 still lags way behind Google’s Chrome 24 browser, which scored a 2752, but smokes Mozilla’s recently launched Firefox 19 which only mustered up a measly score of 823.

While Microsoft brags that Internet Explorer 10 comes with improved support for HTML 5, the Peacekeeper test only rated its HTML 5 capabilities as 3/7. We found the same result when putting IE9 through the Peacekeeper test.

Microsoft also offers an array of benchmark trials designed to put its refreshed browser to the test, such as its Minesweeper-themed assessment. 

“Minesweeper is built on a breadth of Web platform capabilities including HTML5, CSS3, WOFF, touch, animations, transitions, audio, video, canvas, transforms, and power efficiency patterns,” Microsoft writes.

It took Internet Explorer 10 only 4.7 seconds to fill the entire Minesweeper board and spell out “IE 10” in the middle of the box. During the same test in Google Chrome 24, this trial took 5 seconds flat.

If you plan on installing Internet Explorer 10 today, chances are you won’t immediately notice any difference. The interface is exactly the same as its predecessor, but with zippier page loading. Additionally, Microsoft had added a slew of new features for developers as well. The Redmond, Wash.-based company promises that IE10 comes with “support for 30 new modern Web standards beyond IE9.”

Microsoft is no stranger to using celebrities to promote its Windows 8 products, and now the company is doing the same with IE10. We’ve seen such familiar faces as Jessica Alba and Will Arnett showcasing Windows Phone 8, and a new ad campaign for IE10 features singer songwriter Blake Lewis exploring IE10’s touch interface on a tablet.

Check out the video below to see for yourself or head over to Microsoft’s website to download IE10 today. 

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  • alan reinhart Says:

    It may be a great browser but it simply will not run on my well-cared for and fully updated Windows 7. It started once for a brief instant, and the bailed. Now when I attempt to run it, there is a short hesitation, then nothing. Thank goodness for CHROME!

  • kvarma Says:

    Its really a good news for those who are waiting for IE 10 on Windows 7, it seems it is faster than its predecessors

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