Facebook for Android App Update Sleeker and Faster

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Facebook for Android just got faster and sexier, thanks to a new update that was rolled out over the last 24 hours. And all of us Android users say thank you. 

In August reports surfaced that the company forced its employees to use the former version of the Android Facebook app. That goal was for its staff to experience firsthand the dreaded spinning wheel of slow load times. So they felt our pain and fixed it. 

The new Facebook for Android app includes tap-based access to photos so users can more efficiently add Likes, Comments and Tags; a faster, fuller Newsfeed and Timeline; and a new Stories bar that reduces the amount of refreshes required to see new content. During our hands-on time, we noticed some lag while waiting for our Newsfeed to finish loading, but an initial list of updates appeared almost immediately. The full list took a few more seconds, though. On the other hand, opening letterboxed photos from our NewsFeed was instantaneous. Previously, we would see a black-and-white photo icon and the familiar spinning wheel of sluggishness. When we scrolled to the bottom of our NewsFeed, the New Stories bar dropped from the top of the screen and allowed us to jump upward to fresher content. We also noted smoother scrolling on friends' pages.

To check out the new Facebook for Android app, download it starting today from the Google Play Store.

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  • DK Hailey Says:

    Ability to download images to profile, cover photos & mobile albums seem to have been lost. HELP!!!

  • Danno zarek Says:

    Attn laptop mag.
    It seems obvious you have not tried the Facebook app after the update. If you had you wouldn't have wrote this article with a positive attitude.
    After only a couple hours using it I've noticed even more problems than the last update had.
    The ability to erase posts is gone.
    The error "unable to post status at this time" happens a lot more, and before when that error has happened it was possible to hit status again and what was written was still there to try again, now it's erased and we're left with nothing.
    Twice today I've written multiple paragraphs to post to my friends and family, to then receive this error and lose everything.
    Update are supposed to improve software, but Facebooks developers keep making it worse every time.
    This is common knowledge, just read the ratings and comments on the Google play store.
    Apps like friendcaster are excellent and far supersed Facebooks app, but are blocked from giving us all the options and status updates of our friends because Facebook wants to make us have to see all the useless advertising they shove down out throats.

    This is why I hope Google plus conquers Facebook outright, they simply don't have these issues.


    Danno zarek @ google+

  • aware74 Says:

    It definitely does feel sleeker than before. Good job, Facebook.

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