Citrix Receiver for BlackBerry Lets You Access Virtual Applications From Your PlayBook

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Today's BlackBerry DevCon keynote was all about showcasing the power of RIM's PlayBook tablet and the flexibility of its QNX-based operating system. While the device was shown playing games and running ported Android apps, one of its largest potential audiences is big businesses,so it wasn't surprising to see Citrix demonstrate a PlayBook-friendly version of its popular Citrix Receiver software for connecting to virtual applications.

Citrix's Robin Manke-Cassidy showed how the Receiver client can connect to both a remote desktop computer and to virtual applications that are hosted on a remote server. Using a PlayBook with Wi-Fi access, she was able to switch between three different remote sessions with just a few swipes.

One session contained her Windows desktop, complete with a PowerPoint presentation she was able to launch and browse. Another session contained a CAD program which allowed her to edit an image smoothly. The final session hosted a Go ToMeeting meeting where two of Manke-Cassidy's colleagues were shown via live streaming video.

We were impressed with how smoothly the CAD image turned and the meeting video streamed, considering the remote connection. Considering that many businesses offer Citrix, the ability to use your PlayBook as an extension of your office workstation is a pretty big deal. 


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  • nicanadian Says:

    looks promising... this is beyond RDP or VNC access, it's true enterprise-grade portability with the security that only RIM can provide.

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