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Microsoft and AMD reportedly working on next-gen ARM processor for Windows laptops

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft's Windows on ARM hasn't reached the heights like Apple's ARM-based M1 chip, which has been apparent in the most recent Samsung Galaxy Book Go and Surface Pro X. However, a new leak states the company is partnering up with AMD to deliver a next-gen ARM processor.

Microsoft and AMD's rumored processor for Windows on ARM laptops and devices is expected to be "much better than Qualcomm chips" that use older architecture, but it won't be as powerful as laptops that boast an Nvidia GTX 1050. It will reportedly also use an ARM Cortex-X1 core, along with the same RDNA 2 technology as the Exynos 2200 from Samsung.

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Spotted by credible leaker FrontTron, the report from website Clien claims it will also support 5G connectivity, and the two companies are currently collaborating to fit the chip into a new Surface device. However, since Microsoft announced its next-generation line-up, including Microsoft Surface Pro 8,  Microsoft Surface Go 3, Microsoft Surface Duo 2, and Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio, we may not see this new processor for a while.

The leaker also points out Microsoft and AMD's plans to release the chip have been pushed back due to a "process redesign." Plus, the next-gen processor apparently won't just be for Surface laptops and devices, as other companies are planning to use the chip, too. However, it is not stated which other companies are involved.

Microsoft has had app compatibility issues with its Windows on ARM devices, and this rumored ARM processor with AMD could be the extra power these devices need. While we may have to wait a while before we hear anything official about the AMD partnership, Microsoft's next batch of Surface devices is coming in fast. Check out everything announced at the Microsoft event