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Apple could be bringing back Touch ID with iPhone 13— and masks are the reason why

iPhone 12 Pro Max back showing cameras and multi-function button
(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

Apple's upcoming iPhone 13 is looking to be quite the beast, from rumoured display speeds to a unique 'Pro' camera feature, and now it's looking to bring back Touch ID. Why? Because we now live in a world where masks are commonplace.

According to a report on Bloomberg, which also states Apple may be considering foldable iPhones, the iPhone 13 won't bring back a button to utilize Touch ID, but rather use Apple's rumoured under-screen fingerprint technology. This has been seen on Android phones for a couple of years, which means they've had the upper-hand in terms of accessibility during COVID-19.

Apple's facial recognition technology has seen many improvements, but when it comes masks, it's not exactly ideal. However, the report also suggests that the iPhone 13 will feature both fingerprint and facial recognition tech. 

Rumours of Apple's under-display Touch ID have been around since the iPhone X, but now with the rapid change in face-wear since COVID-19, the display-embedded fingerprint technology might be the most sought-after feature of the iPhone 13.

That, along with its new vapor chamber plans