Did Intel just reveal Windows 12's release date?

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Microsoft have just got done giving Windows 11 a revamp with its 23H2 update that’s so major it’s practically Windows 12 in all but name – however, according to Intel, if you want to real deal you might not have to wait too much longer.

Windows 12 rumors have been bubbling for some time, but things are beginning to heat up further as evidence points to the unveiling of Microsoft’s next major release known internally as “Next Valley.” 

Windows 12 2024 release: here’s the Intel

The latest evidence of Microsoft’s next major OS release comes by way of Intel, and it’s not their first rodeo when it comes to Windows 12 leaks either. Earlier in the year, leaked Intel docs referenced Windows 12 by name in reference to the compatibility of its Meteor Lake chipset with the platform – also pointing to a 2024 release.

However, as reported by WindowsLatest, during the virtual Citi Global Technology Conference, Intel EVP David Zinsner seemingly confirmed that a “Windows refresh” is on its way in 2024. Further adding credibility to the dates of the previous leak, and indicating that big changes could be heading to the Windows platform over the next year. 


Does this line up with everything else we know about Windows 12? Somewhat. Microsoft recently renewed its update schedule and began working from a new roadmap that would see a major Windows update appear every three years.

The next major update on this roadmap lands in 2024 and is likely to be the rumored “Next Valley” milestone – expected to include a new design overhaul featuring a MacOS-like floating taskbar and a more modular approach to the traditional operating system.

Can we say for sure that “Next Valley” is Windows 12? No. But the name implies something new and different, and a major Windows release could sway those showing little desire to make the jump to Windows 11 in recent years.

We’ll have to wait for clearer word on Windows 12 to know for certain, but given that Microsoft have already seen a major OS update arrive in the last few weeks they could have something all the more impressive waiting for us next year.

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