Problem solved: How to exit Windows 11 Safe Mode

Windows 11 safe mode how-to
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Unfortunately, something went wrong with your Windows PC and you had to use our guide on how to on accessing Windows 11 Safe Mode to try and fix things. Hopefully, you figured out what was wrong and are ready to get back to work or play. If not, we have plenty of other Windows 11 how-tos that could potentially help. Either way, now it’s time to return your laptop to regular Windows mode and you might be a little lost on how to do that. 

But never fear, Laptop Mag is here to get you back on the right side of Windows and back to whatever you were doing before you had to contemplate booting into Safe Mode in the first place. 

How to exit Windows 11 Safe Mode

The easy way to exit Safe Mode is to simply restart the system Start > Power > Restart. But there are some cases where Windows can be a little persnickety and still reboot in Safe Mode. 

For those moments, you’ll have to perform another method to get back to regular Windows. It’s a little more involved, but not too complicated. Here’s how to exit Safe Mode in Windows 11 if restarting the laptop doesn’t work. 

1. Press the Windows key + R simultaneously to open the Run window.

2. A text box will appear, when it does, type msconfig and press Enter.

3. Next, at the top of the System Configuration window, select the Boot tab.

4. Underneath Boot options, check that Safe boot is unchecked

5. Hit OK and restart your computer again.