This AI-powered iPhone browser may replace Safari and save you time

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Safari is one of the most-used iPhone browsers because it comes pre-installed, but is it the best browser for your iPhone? Not really. While Safari can do cool things like read webpages aloud to you, it's not as streamlined as Google Chrome or as private as Mozilla Firefox or DuckDuckGo. And now, a new AI-powered competitor—Arc Search—seems to be rising above even Chrome and Firefox.

Arc Search uses AI to scour multiple websites to find the most comprehensive answer to your search query and organize it neatly for you, and it's this feature that made a Gizmodo reporter fall in love with the browser. Additionally, the app can archive your inactive tabs after a specified time and block ads, cookie banners, and trackers.

If you're not loving Safari and think Arc Search could be the perfect new browser for you, here's everything there is to know about this AI-powered browser.

What can Arc Search do?

One of Arc Search's best features is easily its ability to browse multiple web pages, Reddit threads, and even YouTube videos to compile the most useful information for you in what the company calls "One Perfect Tab." 

Gizmodo reporter Dua Rashid searched "how to watch the super bowl," Arc Search looked through six different sites, and broke down the compiled information in easy-to-read bullet points. The AI-powered browser told Rashid the date and time of the Super Bowl, which channels it'd be on, where you can stream it, and even who is performing at the halftime show (Usher, in case you're curious).

arc search browser features

(Image credit: The Browser Company)

Using an AI-powered browser sounds like it could be more difficult than it's worth, but the app's interface is incredibly simple and the information is organized well and without unnecessary fluff. As soon as you open the app, the keyboard pops up so you can immediately start typing, a feature that founder and CEO of The Browser Company Josh Miller says makes the app "2x faster to search than in Safari & Chrome."

On top of its user-friendly interface, Arc Search also lets you easily block ads, cookie banners, and trackers, helping declutter your search experience, and the app supports Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Ecosia as search engines. Plus, the app automatically archives inactive tabs after one day by default to prevent accidental tab hoarding, and you can change this timeframe to 12 hours, three days, seven days, or 30 days.

And if Arc Search doesn't seem like your cup of tea, Google Chrome is probably your next best bet. Google Chrome has consistently outperformed macOS Safari, and it's a popular mobile browser alternative.