Opera want to pay you $10K to use its web browser — but there's a catch

Opera's Tabfulness Guru Valgardur Hlöðversson meditates in a valley while sat in front of a laptop with the Opera Web Browser on screen.
(Image credit: Opera)

Opera, the rogue web browser with a seemingly infinite advertising budget and exactly zero restraint while using it, has been treating us to some fantastic come-hither commercials as of late featuring famous faces like Eric Andre and MoistCr1tikal. As companies go, Opera is indeed proving to be anything but boring.

The latest of the browser's conversion campaigns revolves around the brand's absolutely real position of Tabfulness Guru — an esteemed standing currently held by fish-oil connoisseur and knäckebröd fan, Valgardur Hlöðversson.

You see, after seven years of fusing Scandinavian coziness with web browser design resulting in Opera's Tab Islands (a unique grouping of browser tabs to promote focus and organization), Hlöðversson has accrued a considerable amount of shore leave.

A little work on the side

That's where you come in. Opera needs someone to fill the boots of Hlöðversson while he's away for the week, picking up a sizable $10K paycheck and all the fish-oil and knäckebröd you can drink and eat in the process.

There's just one small catch, however. Hlöðversson's workstation currently resides on the uninhabited volcanic island of Bjarnarey, found off the coast of Iceland. That'll be your home for seven days as you browse the web and attempt to meditate your way to a state of higher browser consciousness. 

Seven days in complete isolation on the loneliest island on Earth? While some would say Norway José, that's just fine and Scandi with me.

I'd ask how much of an adventure one could possibly have while secluded on a volcanic island with only an internet connection to keep themselves company. But I'd be genuinely afraid of the replies I'd get in return. Plus, I have the internet too. I already know.

"I'm something of a Tabfulness Guru myself." - You (potentially)

If you want to put yourself forward as a potential candidate to cover for Opera's Tabfulness Guru, then head to Opera's Tabfulness homepage now to apply. All it takes is a name, email, and a 120-character summary of what the state of Opera's Tabfulness means to you. I went with the following:

"I once knew a guy who attained the purest state of Tabfulness ever, through ingesting copious amounts of disco biscuits."

Nailed it. 120 characters, good grammar, and a genuinely horrifying account from my lurid past. That's a winner for sure, but you can't use that. That one's mine. Get your own. Not that you need to, I've clearly already won.

If you think you can do better (and let me tell you, you can't), you have until February 25 to enter Opera's competition. You don't even need to download the Opera browser to do it. Though, personally, I would. It's not half bad.

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