Secretlab Titan review

Secretlab Titan is reminiscent of a throne for gamers

Secretlab Titan Review
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The Secretlab Titan 2020 is a great gaming chair for those in need of a sturdy frame. While plagued by weak lumbar support, it benefits from an awesome design, tons of adjustable parts, and a comfortable backrest.


  • +

    Sturdy and comfortable

  • +

    Plenty of adjustable mechanisms

  • +

    Soft head pillow

  • +

    Sleek design


  • -

    Mediocre lumbar support

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Secretlab products are a household pick for gamers no matter the genre. It’s rare not to see a popular Twitch streamer or YouTuber sitting in one as they play. There's a good reason for this, as the company’s chairs are beloved for their comfort, sturdy build, and collaborations with popular franchises for slick designs.

The Secretlab Titan 2020 is no different, boasting an awesome aesthetic, a sturdy steel frame that can easily accommodate heavier bodies, and plenty of adjustable features to suit your specific needs.

Pricing and configurations 

The Secretlab Titan 2020 is currently being sold for $369. Buyers can choose from three upholstery selections: Prime 2.0 PU Leather, SoftWeave Fabric, and NAPA Leather. As far as color options go, Stealth (black and red), Amber (black and orange), Classic (white and black), Ash (light grey and black), or full-on black are available.

Secretlab chairs also feature plenty of Special Edition options. Buyers can pay extra for Cyberpunk 2077, Game of Thrones, World of Warcraft, Overwatch-themed chairs and much more. And if you’re looking to rep your favorite esports team, there are plenty of official collaboration designs available.


Our Titan came in the slick and stylish Stealth color. Its thin red accents mesh well with the all-encompassing jet-black, and its shiny gold Secret Lab logo and Titan symbol boldly stand out. This color scheme, combined with the size of the chair and the smooth PU leather, makes me feel like a Greek god whenever I enter its embrace.

Secretlab Titan Review

(Image credit: Future)

Beyond visual design, the Titan 2020’s armrests are impressive, as the four-directional mechanism allows them to move left, right, forward and back. And the chair’s high-grade spring allows for an adjustable tilt recline between 85 and 165 degrees. 

Keep in mind, this is a large gaming chair; Secretlab’s recommended height for the Titan 2020 is between 5 feet 9 inches and 6’7”, with the maximum load coming in at 290 pounds. If you’re 150 pounds and 5’11” as I am, then the chair will feel more like a throne.


The Titan has integrated adjustable lumbar support in the form of a dial on the right side of the backrest. Turning this dial adjusts its depth and provides support for your lower back depending on how far you make it protrude. However, it’s too firm and, therefore, feels uncomfortable.

If I adjust the lumbar support to push slightly outward, my lower back will become stiff after an hour of gaming with the Titan. And if I bring the lumbar support out, it enforces good posture, but I constantly shift around because the support is too firm; unfortunately, the softness of a lumbar pillow is not accurately emulated with the adjustable lumbar support.

Secretlab Titan Review

(Image credit: Future)

That said, using the integrated lumbar support is more comfortable than not using it, but it’s still not good enough. I’d recommend getting a lumbar pillow (which is not included). Thankfully, it comes with a memory foam pillow with cooling gel that provides a pleasant cushion for the back of your head.

Outside of lumbar support, the Titan 2020 is quite comfortable. The Titan’s sturdiness makes it pleasant to sit on; knowing it can support my full weight makes me feel safe. Dealing with a wobbly, shoddily-made office chair makes leaning backward scary. This is especially important because the Titan 2020 features a multi-tilt mechanism that can lean back for a 165-degree recline. Not only does this feel cozy enough to sleep on, but the chair’s heftiness keeps my mind at ease.


Putting the Titan together isn’t something I recommend doing alone. It required a considerable amount of strength and energy, particularly during one step when the heavy backrest is pushed into the seat base to screw the two pieces together. This was challenging, even with the strength of two people.

Secretlab Titan Review

(Image credit: Future)

Otherwise, it took only 30 minutes to put together and didn’t require an exhausting amount of effort. Holding the wheelbase, lugging the full-length backrest up a flight of stairs, and constructing the pieces illuminates how sturdy each component is. Once assembled, the Titan weighs 77 pounds.


The Titan 2020 comes with a base 3-year standard warranty. This can be extended to a 5-year warranty if the chair is registered under the company’s Extended Warranty Program. 

Secretlab Titan Review

(Image credit: Future)

This warranty does not cover aesthetic defects, improper assembly, contact with animals, environmental conditions, contact with moisture, failure to follow aftercare instructions, abuse, negligence, accidents, and fire damage. 

Essentially, this warranty doesn’t cover much. It does cover you if the product doesn’t match the item description or if the product doesn’t fulfill the purpose that Secretlabs promised it would when (or if) you contacted them. 

Bottom line 

The Secretlabs Titan 2020 is a sleek gaming chair with a sturdy steel frame and cozy PU leather upholstery. Its integrated adjustable lumbar support wasn’t as comfortable as I had hoped, but otherwise, the Titan 2020 boasts plenty of awesome features, including four-directional armrests and a tilt-recline mechanism.

If you need a sturdy gaming chair to accommodate your weight, the Titan is a great choice. It’s made of premium materials, feels comfortable, and can easily adjust to your needs.

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