Nexvoo Nexbar N110 video conferencing camera review

The Nexbar N110 delivers 4K video and excellent audio at a premium price, but you get a lot for the money.

Nexvoo Nexbar N110
(Image: © Future)

Laptop Mag Verdict

The Nexbar delivers 4K quality video and excellent audio but is pricey.


  • +

    Good wide-angle 4K video quality

  • +

    Excellent AI-powered autofocus

  • +

    Useful noise-canceling

  • +

    Sturdy build quality

  • +

    Wall mountable with the supplied mount


  • -


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NexBar N110 SPECS

 Price: $799

Resolution: 2160P(4K) UHD

Microphones: 6 far-field  

Noise Canceling: Yes 

Field of View: 120-degrees

Autofocus: Yes

Speaker Tracking: Yes

Connection: USB-C

Size: 19.8 x 2.5 x 3 inches

Weight: 0.7 pounds

 The Nexbar N110 conference bar features a 4K, 120-degree wide-angle camera, solid noise canceling with background noise suppression, and even throws in AI to pull off neat tricks during Zoom calls. It’s a clever conference room camera that looks like a speaker bar and even has some quality speakers of its own. Long, sleek, with a satin black finish, it will bring style to any office or home office Did I mention it’s easily wall-mounted, too?

Meant for conference rooms and larger office spaces, the Nexbar N110 makes it a breeze for multiple users to video conference. It really is a plug-and-play device and went to work as soon as I connected it to my laptop; I seamlessly hopped into a Google Meet within seconds. 

NexBar N110 Price and compatibility 

The NexBar N110 costs $799 and is compatible with both Windows 10 and macOS. It works with just about every video meeting platform including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Google Meet.

NexBar N110 design

Nexvoo Nexbar N110

(Image credit: Future)

With its satin matte-black finish, the NexBar N110 is sleek, elegant, and fits in with just about any room or office space decor. Matching speaker grills flank both sides of the centered 4K lens, which has the Nexvoo logo centered underneath it. Its hinged metal stand is sleek and the bottom is covered in rubber. This way,  when you place it on surfaces, it doesn’t cause scratches and helps to snuggly keep itself in place if you choose to mount it to a wall using the supplied wall mount. 

The NexBar comes with a USB Type-C port, a USB 2.0 Type-A port, a power connector, and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The unit measures 19.8 x 0.6  x 3-inches and weighs 2.4 pounds, so it’s lightweight and easy to move around if need be. 

Nexvoo Nexbar N110

(Image credit: Future)

The NexBar N110 also comes with a remote control that allows you to turn the unit on or off, raise and lower the speaker volume, and mute the microphones. It has two different camera presets and also lets you control the camera zoom and turn the Bluetooth and AI on or off.

NexBar N110 Picture and sound

To be clear, the NexBar N110 is a conference room or large room camera bar. It’s not intended for small spaces although I did get away with using it in my tiny draped-off home office space. It performed much better once I opened up my drapes and let them cover my entire studio apartment space. The NexBar is marketed as being ideal for rooms of up to 150 square feet with 10 participants but can cover up to 15 people huddled together. 

That said, the 120-degree FOV 4K camera works great and reproduces natural colors with some added warmth. Skin tones were spot on, and there was no oversaturation; what you see is what you get, and that’s a great thing. However, it has a 4K resolution so don’t forget to shave and look your best cause it will catch everything. Images are crystal clear, however, if you’re using it up close in a tiny space, you may get some wide-angle distortion. This is easily remedied by using the supplied remote control and zooming in on yourself. Be careful to not zoom in too much as the camera is capable of 4x HD digital zooming. Nobody needs to see every fine detail in your face. 

Nexvoo Nexbar N110

(Image credit: Future)

The NexBar N110 comes with six built-in microphones covering far-field audio, as well as up-close audio. It does a nice job of capturing the voice of individual speakers and uses AI to zero in on the host when multiple attendees are chatting. The NexBar is rated to pick up the voice of speakers from up to 26 feet away. It also comes with noise-canceling technology and though some noise-canceling tech can sometimes over suppress audio, the NexBar doesn’t suffer from this issue. Moreover, the AI did a nice job of reducing background noise while I was recording. I dropped a large box during one session and the sound of it hitting the floor wasn’t picked up. 

The speakers on the NexBar work great, and although I wouldn’t suggest you use them to throw an office party, they do produce some nice bass. More importantly, they produce clear vocals from whomever you’re talking to on the other side of your video meeting. It’s not the booming soundbar you just purchased for your new TV, but it does the job nicely as I clearly heard my colleague on the other side of our studio apartment.

NexBar N110 Software 

There is no software needed to download; the NexBar is a true plug-and-play camera on both Mac OS and Windows 10. However, I’d be ashamed of myself if I did not mention the AI software within the unit. The AI does a very nice job of framing and auto-tracking the faces of up to ten conference participants. The autofocus of the NexBar functioned smoothly, and I experienced a delay in tracking or focus only once and it only lasted a second. 

When I walked around my office, the camera steadily followed me as I spoke to it from across the room. It kept me in a framed box the entire time. Also,  using the remote to zoom in on me from across the room is an excellent feature. Kudos to the team at Nexvoo for developing an intelligent AI system that recognizes the main speaker in a room but also keeps others in focus. I tested this out by moving around and speaking from a distance, and yes, the autofocus still framed me nicely and followed my movements, as my girlfriend sat off to the side pretending what I was saying was important.

Bottom Line 

The NexBar N110 is worth the investment if you’re the owner of a small business that’s growing in size and you want to level up your video conferencing with a wide-angle camera capable of capturing everyone in the room. It’s also great if you simply want to show off your new office space. Being wall-mountable is a huge bonus as you don’t have to leave it on a table or on top of a monitor. Also, it’s easy to slip it off the mount and take it to another room. Its AI-powered autofocus and tracking work smoothly and are an extra bonus. It delivers clear, bright, colorful video, and does an excellent job of capturing every voice in the room without having to strain or raise your voice to be heard. All in all, the NexBar N110 is a win for Nexvoo.

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