Nexigo N970P 4K webcam review

For under $200, you get excellent video and image quality

Nexigo N970P 4K webcam review
(Image: © Future)

Laptop Mag Verdict

The Nexigo N970P checks off all the important feature boxes while also saving you money. For under $200, you get the image quality and features that you need and more


  • +

    Sharp video and stills

  • +

    Excellent low-light performance

  • +

    Smooth autofocus

  • +

    Good mics


  • -

    Dated styling

  • -

    Lacks HDMI port

  • -

    AI can be slow to pan

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Nexigo N970P specs

Price: $199

Resolution: 8.5MP 4K UHD (3840X2160)

Microphones: dual microphones  

Field of View: 25-90-degrees

Autofocus: Yes

Manual Focus: via remote control 

Remote: Yes

Speaker Tracking: Yes

Connection: USB-B

Size: 7.09 x 1.67 x 1.1 inches

Weight: 1.6 pounds

In today's hybrid work environment, access to a high-quality webcam to handle your video conferencing needs is a must. The Nexigo N970P 4K webcam offers small business users clear UHD 4K video and a robust feature set typically reserved for more expensive conference room cameras for a fraction of the cost, at $200.  

With the ability to film in 4K UHD at 30 frames per second, the N970P delivers crisp detail, vibrant colors, and great low-light performance. However,  I did find that the AI focus and panning could be laggy at times as it struggled to follow its subject.

Overall, the Nexigo N970P 4K webcam is a solid contender for our best webcams page thanks to its excellent quality for the price.

Nexigo N970P 4K webcam price and compatibility

The Nexigo N970P isn’t going to win a beauty contest with its basic silver and black design over a hard-plastic shell, even if there are some neat silver elements near its lens. While it’s a tired design, substance over style is a win when it comes to peripherals.

The large lens is centered within the unit and has a silver-painted star that reminds me of the eye of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings; I like it. The adjustable, foldable mount provides excellent resistance and gets a firm grip on your monitor.

Nexigo N970P 4K webcam review

(Image credit: Future)

You will find a built-in 1/4-20 tripod mount on the bottom if you don’t want to mount the Nexigo on your monitor.

Nexigo N970P 4K webcam review

(Image credit: Future)

Overall, the unit has a substantial feel, thanks to its size-to-weight ratio. On the back of the unit, there’s a USB Type-B port, which lets you connect directly to your PC or laptop. The N970P comes with a remote, which allows you to control the zoom, pan, focus, backlight, and menu features. In the box, we find a 9.5-foot USB 3.0 Type-B cable that’s sturdy and thick.

Nexigo N970P 4K webcam video quality and sound

The Nexigo N970P can shoot in 4K at 30 frames per second, which places it on par with the Konftel Cam 20, but that’s not all it can do. It comes with video conference camera features, such as multiple subject auto-framing focus, excellent low-light performance, crystal clear image quality, and nicely saturated colors. For $200, that’s a lot of power when you consider that the Konftel Cam 20 costs nearly $200 more, and the Meeting Owl Pro will run you about $1,000. The Nexigo gently dips into both of those conference cameras feature sets for a cheaper price. 

I recorded video using Microsoft's camera app, and the footage was comparable to some mirrorless cameras I have used to record footage directly to my laptop. The 10x zoom feature works nicely and gets close to the subject without pixelating the image. 

The N970P quickly adjusts to changes in different lighting conditions, which is a feature I love. I tested this by turning off the lights in my work area, and the Nexigo adapted nearly instantaneously to the new lighting. Even in low-light, the N970P image was clear with no distortion.

It warmly saturated my red t-shirt and retained the different gray tones in my background despite the lack of ambient light. When I popped the lights back on, it adjusted to the blowout of light speedily. The autofocus is excellent, as is the ability to focus while using the remote manually. Another premium feature included with the Nexigo N970P is its ability to focus on multiple members in a conference setting and switch focus to the speaker. However, since you’re only working with a 90-degree field of view, some may feel a little cramped, but I think it’s enough to cover most small conference rooms and up to eight people.  If you need a wider field of view, Konftel’s lens offers a 123-degree lens. 

The Nexigo N970P features a pair of built-in omnidirectional mics with noise cancellation that function very well and keep out a good amount of background noise while focusing on your voice, even as you move about the room. While using it to chat with my daughter using google Meet, my television was on and she never heard it in the background. Being that my television is only three feet from where I was using the Nexigo, I was rather impressed with its noise-canceling performance as it easily outperformed the Konftels mic array.

Nexigo N970P 4K webcam software

The Nexigo is a plug-and-play device. All you have to do is plug the supplied USB Type-A cable into your computer, and that’s it. There’s no special software or drivers. Nexigo does offer free driver updates and excellent customer service. I had a small, self-created issue while trying to set up the autofocus and auto framing via the remote control and the team from Nexigo responded to my email within a few hours with a driver update and an instructional video that had me using the N970P like a pro. If I had gone to their site, I would have been able to handle it myself, but Nexigo’s team just jumped right on it and guided me. 

The Nexigo N970P comes with a one-year warranty.

Bottom Line

The Nexigo N970P ($199) is an excellent webcam for video conferencing that won’t break the bank. It comes with features you see in much more expensive business conference cameras, and if you’re a streamer looking to step up your streaming quality, it's a solid option. If you’re a small business owner on a budget but don’t want your video meetings to look cheap, the N970P is definitely for you.   

With the versatile 90-degree wide-angle that you can pan, tilt, and zoom in (thanks to the handy remote control), users are given many options to get the most out of the Nexigo N970P. If you’re in the market for a new webcam or office conference camera, the Nexigo is an option you need to take a serious look at.

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