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Timelapse Pro Review

Our Verdict

Even though it needs a lot of battery juice to work, shooting timelapse imagery of your own material is very rewarding.


  • Lets you lock exposure and focus settings


  • Zaps battery life

You've seen neat timelapses of flowers blooming and a butterfly emerging from a cocoon--all in slow motion, showing each detailed frame. You've also probably dismissed them as showpieces that only folks with pro equipment can create. But Timelapse Pro, an iOS app, lets you create similar videos with your iPhone's camera.

All we had to do was create a new project and select Add Images. We set the amount of time between shots and the number of pictures we wanted to take. Then we waited patiently as Timelapse Pro put it all together for us. We like that the app can lock exposure and focus settings, so we didn't have any accidental light leaks in our video. The app also let us select songs from our iPod library as background music, and we could apply a video effect from one of the in-app selections.

A convenient sharing tab revealed that we could quickly upload our videos to DailyMotion, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, or simply email our completed timelapse.

But be forewarned: Timelapses take a lot of time, so your iPhone may run out of juice before your project is complete. In our experience, system alerts (20% Battery Remaining) stopped the timelapse from filming. We realized that it was best to rig our phone with an external battery before starting to record.

You don't need to be a cinephile with an expensive camera to create an enviable timelapse of the sunset from your window. Just use this $2 app.

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