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Tempo Review

Our Verdict

Tempo is a smart calendar app that aggregates everything you might need for a meeting, including people, places and documents, all in one place.


  • Connects with many email accounts
  • Unique I'm Running Late feature
  • Pulls in all related documents and emails
  • Syncs with Google Maps
  • Calls and messages contacts from within app


  • iOS only
  • Sluggish document/email load times

From the makers of Siri comes Tempo, a smart app that syncs your calendars and compiles all of your events, contacts, documents and emails all in one place so you're completely prepared for all your meetings. Already the cool kid that everyone wants to play with at recess, Tempo has a waitlist of several thousand people. We got our golden ticket after a little less than a week, but is this meeting assistant worth the wait?


Click to EnlargeAfter installation, Tempo syncs with your Calendars and Contacts, so it can provide you with details on people with whom you interact on a daily basis. We gave the app permission to connect with our iPhone Calendar and Contacts, and then added the email accounts we wanted to sync. Tempo supports Exchange, Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo and IMAP accounts.

Tempo pulls in a lot of information, so it gives a warning that it may take several minutes. It took the app less than 10 minutes to ready our Calendar and notified us when it was ready.

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Click to EnlargeTempo's interface is clean and easy to navigate. Users can easily scan meetings of the day, week or month, and find what they're looking for in a jiffy.

The app features five distinct views. Agenda View displays what's on your plate for the day, as well as information such as contacts, locations and documents. List View shows a list of all upcoming meetings in the following days and weeks. Day View gives an hourly play-by-play of what's on your calendar, and Week View shows blocks on your schedule of your meetings. Finally, the Month View shows a monthly calendar.

Click to EnlargeIn List, Day and Week Views, you can tap on a meeting to access more specific info. Tapping on the dateline at the top of the display lets you switch between the different views.

In Agenda View, there's a featured image of the day, with widgets for the weather and your location situated to the right of that. If you don't like the image of the day, you can take your own photo or choose one from your Camera Roll.

The A + button in the upper right corner lets you add an event. Once you've created or selected a specific meeting, you're taken to a summary of that event. A pencil tool in the upper right corner lets you edit meeting details, while tapping on its name lets you edit its summary. In the status bar, Tempo displays an overview of the relevant details it found for that event.

Click to EnlargeIn the bottom navigation bar, Message lets you send an email to one or all of the event attendees. The I'm Late button lets you send a text or email to all or selected contacts, notifying them that you won't be on time.

You can tap on the date in the top left corner at any time to exit a specific meeting and go back to a calendar view.

Within our Status Meeting on April 2, we were able to see that the event repeated weekly, and we marked our availability as Busy on our calendar during this event. We could also view the conference-call number, as well as its passcode. Tempo showed the location of the meeting, the other attendees and any notes the creator of the event made. We love that all this info is displayed within one app.

Conference Call

Click to EnlargeIf your meeting includes a conference call, don't worry about writing down the phone number and passcode ― Tempo remembers it for you, as long as that info is in the meeting summary. All you have to do is tap on the conference-call number to dial in within Tempo, and then tap the Dial button to let Tempo type in the passcode. The only effort you have to make is to tap "1" to confirm that the passcode is correct.


Click to EnlargeTapping the location of a meeting opens Google Maps (you can change this to Apple Maps in Settings). When we tried this, Google Maps seemed to think our meeting was in downtown New York, when our office is actually in the city's Flatiron district. We realized this was because no one entered a specific address of the meeting, so Tempo automatically grabbed the only address it could find from that event ― the headquarters of the conference-call dial-in service. So, make sure you or the meeting creator enters an exact location ― that way, you can easily find where you need to go.

Google Maps' Satellite and Google Earth modes were especially helpful, as we could see what the building we were traveling to looked like.

Click to EnlargeWhen we created an event and typed the name of the location, Tempo suggested various addresses that housed establishments by the same name. After choosing the address we were looking for, Tempo added the location to the event. We could then view drive time or tap on Parking or Directions. Parking opened Google Maps to search the area for nearby parking, while Directions launched Google Maps to give step-by-step directors for walking, driving or taking public transportation.

It's worth noting that Siri works with Tempo, so you can just tell Siri to create a meeting, then list the attendees and location. Siri then will pull the contact and location info for you, as well as any relevant emails or documents.

Tempo also connects with Foursquare and Yelp, so you can check in at locations or check out reviews of the places you'll be visiting during your day.

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Click to EnlargeTempo pulls contacts from those you have stored on your iPhone, as well as contacts stored in your email accounts. For example, if a co-worker is attending a meeting with you but you don't have their contact info in your phone, the app pulls whatever info it has from your Exchange relationship with them, namely their email address.

Within an event, tapping on Contacts shows a list of everyone we invited to that particular event. Tapping on individuals offers multiple options based on the information your iPhone has stored.

Click to EnlargeFor example, we tapped on the contact for reviews editor Mike Prospero and could view his LinkedIn profile, or send him a message to either of his email addresses our iPhone had on file for him. Tapping I'm Running Late gave us the option to send to either of his email addresses, then choose how many minutes late we would be.

Tapping on managing editor Anna Attkisson gave us even more options since we had her cell number. In addition to viewing her LinkedIn profile and emailing her, we could also send an I'm Running Late message via text.

If you're stuck in traffic and you need to let meeting attendees know you'll be tardy, the I'm Running Late feature is an especially handy feature, as the app saves you from having to manually draft an email while driving.


Click to EnlargeTempo has yet another trick up its sleeve. The app will find Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and PDFs related to each meeting, so you have all of your resources handy in one place. If you create a meeting, make sure its name has a keyword in it that matches the content of documents or emails you'd like to use. We tested this out, naming our meeting "Mango Health" after an app we had emailed co-workers about from both of our linked email accounts. Tempo then pulled in all four emails.

There was a bit of lag when Tempo searched our email and documents to find matching keywords. We understand that the app has a lot to search through, but we could see ourselves getting frustrated and exiting out of the Tempo to find the info manually instead of waiting for it to load.


Click to EnlargeWe should've known Tempo was bound to be a good app when we heard it came from Siri's makers, and it was worth the wait. Tempo does a phenomenal job of pulling all the information you need for meetings into one place, from directions to conference call numbers to key emails and documents. Although we'd love for Android users to be able to get in on all of the meeting organizational goodness, iOS users will be giddy when they see how much easier it makes coordinating the events in their life.

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