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Hipstamatic Review

Our Verdict

If vintage isn't hipster enough, Hipstamatic sends images back to the classy low-fi days.


  • Lets you experiment with lens and film combinations


  • No photo timer, can't use the front camera, more lenses and films cost extra

Just because we're in a digital age doesn't mean there isn't nostalgia for analog images. Hipstamatic simulates the effects of one of the best low-fi cameras out there, the well-worn Holga. The app presents you with a choice of film stocks and lenses that you can mix and match to dress up any digital photo.

After the print "develops," you can post it to Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, or Twitter from within the app. There's even a printing service that can deliver physical pictures to your doorstep. The app is so good that a New York Times photographer once used Hipstamatic to take an award-winning photograph.

Unfortunately, there are a few limitations. Hipstamatic doesn't have a photo timer, and you can't use the front camera to take pictures.

The only other downside is having to pay $1.99. For that price, you get four lenses and three stock films. You'll have to resort to in-app purchases--$0.99 for each hipstapak--to beef up your arsenal.

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