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Filterstorm Review

Our Verdict

High-quality editing abilities combined with a history of your alterations make this app unique for serious photographers.


  • Powerful image editor for serious photographers, can send images via Dropbox, email, Flickr, and FTP.


  • Somewhat complicated controls; if you accidentally quit the app, you lose your progress

"Real" photographers will appreciate the power of Filterstorm, which lets you tweak advanced settings on a pro level. We like that it includes editing options for layers, masking, curve manipulation, color balance, temperature, and more. We were even able to earmark certain settings (exposure, hue, saturation) and save them as automations for quick application to other photos. Another nice touch is the history icon--tap it, and the app lists all the changes you've made to each image.

After we edited a batch of images, we could easily send them via Dropbox, email, Flickr, and FTP. However, the controls will seem quite complicated for first-time users. We appreciated how Filterstorm's latest update added a lot of improvement to stability (the app would occasionally crash in the past), but we found that there was still no safeguard against accidentally quitting the app. Do this, and you'll lose all your progress on the image--and will have to start again from scratch.

Despite some drawbacks, Filterstorm is a versatile and useful photo app for iPhone owners.

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