Apple initiates work on iOS 19, macOS 16, watchOS 12, and visionOS 3, which may offer Apple Intelligence

 blueprint-style images of the iPhone, showing detailed front and back views with measurements and labeled components.
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Apple's next-generation operating systems — iOS 18, macOS 15, watchOS 11, and visionOS 2 — haven't even left the station yet. Still, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported in Sunday's Power On newsletter that the company has reportedly started work on its next-next-generation operating systems (OSs).

Bloomberg reports that iOS 19 is codenamed "Luck," macOS 16 is "Cheer," watchOS 12 is "Nepali," and visionOS 3 is "Discovery." 

While iPadOS 19 is not mentioned, it's likely bundled with iOS 19 and given the same "Luck" codename, much like iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 share the codename "Crystal."

News of Apple beginning work on its 2025 software isn't that much of a shock; in fact, it's right on schedule. Apple also starts working on new hardware around about now, and updated hardware needs updated software to match.

While we might not have any specifics yet on what upgrades or improvements Apple's next-next-gen OSs will boast, it certainly offers food for thought about the most-watched tech company on the planet.

It's too early for details, but what might the future hold for Apple's 2025 software?

It's way too early to speculate on what specific tools and features iOS 19, macOS 16, watchOS 12, and visionOS 3 may offer, but here's my best vague guess: more AI — err, my apologies, more Apple Intelligence.

With iOS 18 said to be the biggest update in Apple's history, it's hard to imagine how iOS 19 could outdo iOS 18. 

As it stands, iOS 18 — as well as iPadOS 18 and macOS 15 — gains plenty of Apple Intelligence features, from writing assistance and image generation to cross-app actions made possible via an enhanced Siri. 

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When thinking about iOS 19, iPadOS 19, and macOS 16, I'm not sure how many new features we'll see, but I think we'll see existing features refined greatly. Apple's upcoming OSs are the first to feature Apple Intelligence, but there are bound to be issues. 

While minor bugs and issues can be fixed, we don't think we'll see the first truly polished Apple Intelligence features until Apple's 2025 operating systems debut.

Apple's upcoming watchOS 11 and visionOS 2 both don't include plans to feature Apple Intelligence, but watchOS 12 and visionOS 3 in 2025 could.

visionOS 2 one-sheet of new Apple Vision Pro features

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According to Gurman in another Bloomberg Power On newsletter, he's told that "Apple is actively working on" equipping the Vision Pro with Apple Intelligence features, "but it won't happen this year." 

And if it's not happening with 2024's visionOS 2 update, it'll likely happen with the 2025 visionOS 3 update.

Plus, considering Apple might focus more on software than hardware going forward, it'll be interesting to see whether the company extends software support for older devices. 

Apple keeps making their devices more durable, and people are keeping their devices longer, so it makes sense that older devices would maintain compatibility and support for new software updates, but only time will tell.

We'll have to wait until WWDC 2025 to officially hear what Apple's next-next-gen OSs are capable of, but we'll likely start seeing rumored features pop up between January and June of next year ahead of WWDC.