Samsung’s 'Galaxy AI' may be more than a reprint of the Pixel 8’s generative AI suite

Samsung S24 and S24 Ultra smartphones on gradient background
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Samsung’s “Galaxy Unpacked” event isn’t for another few weeks, but we already know plenty about the S24 line of smartphones including specs, design, Geekbench scores, and GPU performance. Thanks to some leaked posters from Brazil, we now know the new phones will come with generative AI features in a suite called “Galaxy AI.”

Samsung Galaxy AI

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The term “Galaxy AI” was first spotted on a Brazilian sales poster for the phones by X-user and tech aficionado Alvin (@sondesix) which reads “Galaxy AI is here” when translated into English. The posters also confirm what we know about the S24 Ultra’s quad-camera setup and laser auto-focus.

 The Generative AI Arms-Race 

There has been a decent bit of speculation about Samsung using the generative AI features of the Google Pixel 8 like generative AI wallpaper, lock-screen weather effects, a photo editing tool, real-time translation, and voice focus to remove background noise in voice calls and recordings. These features seemed to be ripped straight from Google’s AI suite, and according to the initial leaks would require a Google account to use.  

Samsung One UI 6.1 Gen AI features

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The news of which left Samsung’s Galaxy One-UI 6.1 operating system looking like nothing more than a Samsung sticker over Google’s Android 14 OS. To some degree, Samsung’s operating systems have always been just an overlay on the existing Android system, but reusing Google’s whole generative AI suite made an already thin veneer seem even more transparent. 


However, Sammobile’s translation of the leaked poster’s Portugese text indicates that certain features of the Galaxy AI “may require a Samsung Account'' to use. It seems possible that Samsung has packaged Google’s generative AI features from the Pixel 8 along with a proprietary addition or two to the suite that would require a Samsung login rather than a Google account. It wouldn't be the first time Samsung hid some key features of their Galaxy phones behind a Samsung login wall, so it definitely seems plausible.

Samsung One UI 6.1 Gen AI features

(Image credit: Benit Bruhner / Samsung)

If that is the case, it’s certainly a smart move on Samsung’s part to offload some of the work in creating a generative AI suite by utilizing tools that are already on the market. Generative AI tools have become a key selling point for many flagship phones and laptops. So, if Samsung doesn’t want to be left behind, they’ve got to at least bring the same tools as Google.

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