Zoom continues to dominate — app set to launch on Google, Amazon and Facebook smart displays

Zoom on Amazon Echo Show
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 Sometimes, you can't beat 'em — you've got to join 'em. Google and Facebook, despite having their own video-conferencing services, have conceded to housing Zoom on their smart-display products. After all, the app is so ridiculously popular, its absence would be far too conspicuous. 

It's a major feather in Zoom's hat and cements the company as the a video-conferencing victor. How victorious you ask? Amazon is hopping on the bandwagon, too.

Zoom is coming to Google, Amazon and Facebook smart displays

Google and Facebook typically only host their own apps on their smart-display products. Google Nest users can only make calls with Meet and Duo, and Facebook Portal customers only have access to Messenger and WhatsApp. But for the first time, Google and Facebook are introducing their first non-native video-call app — Zoom for Home.

Amazon is no stranger to non-native apps (Echo Show got Skype calls two years ago), but the retail giant is also tapping into the Zoom craze for its smart displays. It's a win-win for both sides: Zoom can grab a bigger bite of the video-call market with its expansion to other smart displays, and the big trio will attract Zoom fans who will splurge their products.

Each platform has its unique features that can optimize the Zoom for Home experience.

On Google Nest Hub Max, Zoom for Home will take advantage of the search-engine giant's scheduling expertise, allowing users to launch Zoom meetings directly from their Calendar. On Facebook Portal, the Zoom app will depend on Facebook’s “smart camera” technology, which auto adjusts to keep callers in frame at all times. And finally, on Amazon Echo Show, users can zap into their Zoom call with a simple "Alexa, join my Zoom meeting" command.

The Zoom for Home app will arrive on Facebook Portal in September. Zoom will be available on Amazon Echo Show and Google Nest Hub Max later this year.

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