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You can now transcribe a full Google Meet call — just download this Chrome extension

(Image credit: Zoom)

Transcribing interviews or keeping records of conversations over Google Meet calls may be the least entertaining part of anyone's job, so it's a good thing there's now a Chrome extension to make life easier.

Software company (Otter) has a new Chrome extension that will transcribe your Google Meet calls and even caption meetings in real-time. That's not all, as the extension has some post-call perks, including the ability to search for or highlight transcripts. You can even save audio transcripts.

Otter had already released the same transcription service for Zoom meetings last year, but now those who often use Google Meet will (thankfully) get the same benefits. 

How to download the Chrome extension

Looking to make life easier on yourself? Sign up by heading to to get an account. It can be a free service, which offers 600 transcription minutes per month, and times out at 40 minutes per recording. Otter's 'Pro' plan offers 6,000 minutes per month and 4 hours of recording time.

Once chosen, you can head to the Chrome Store and download the extension. Pin it to Chrome's extension bar on the top-right corner of the browser by clicking the 'puzzle' icon and selecting Otter.

Once you're on a call, just hit the Otter extension button and click record, and the transcription will then be saved to your Otter account.

There are plenty of Chrome extensions to make work-life easier, especially while working from home, and honestly, who wouldn't want that?